'Pudiya'- An Unusual Tale Of Infidelity | Out Now on Youtube 'The Short Cuts' | Producer Shamita Behl

'Pudiya'- An Unusual Tale of Infidelity Out Now on Youtube Channel 'The Short Cuts', Produced Shamita Behl


Producer Shamita Behl brings an intriguing tale of a wife’s dilemma, Pudiya that highlights the issue of infidelity. Directed by Ratish Sekhar, the film is streaming on the YouTube channel The Short Cuts. The film stars Shamita Behl, Rutuja Patil, and Ajay Jain in the pivotal roles. Pudiya has bagged an official nomination at Shorted and an official selection at the 8th Indian Cine Film Festival 2020.


Talking about the idea, producer Shamita Behl says, “That was mainly Ratish’s (director) idea. He discussed this idea with me and I loved it. Infidelity is not a taboo anymore, we all know about it, we have all seen it happening with a friend or a close relative. So, I agreed to write the script and with Brinda (character) it was love at first sight.


Further talking about the challenges, Shamita adds, “When I am just an actor, I am just focusing on my performance but as a producer, I had to take care of the entire unit, including sets, crew, food, and much more. It’s like working as an employee for a company vs being a CEO. It was hard at times to focus but I had to channelize and forget about the producer part when I was giving shots. It was great learning and also helped me realize that I am a good multi-tasker.”


“Pudiya is not just about infertility. It is about the determination of a woman to keep her family together. One can easily break a relationship with the other half but this is about ensuring that your kids do not lose one of their parents for life. The man was not perfect and the protagonist was not either, they both made choices and both could be labeled with names but in the end, it is about making it work for your family,” Shamita tells.


Producer Shamita, who plays the lead role of Brinda in Pudiya believes, “For me, the first thing was to stop thinking as Shamita. Since I was also writing this character, I didn’t just focus on what she did, I focused on why she did it. Had questions about what is most important for any woman? Her kids, their future, and their happiness. And there are tons of women who selflessly give their entire lives when their man gets sick. They do not run away. I treated infidelity as a disease too!”


Karan Murarka, Founder, KARA Studios says, “We at KARA Studios and The Short Cuts have always tried to curate interesting content which has some message. When I watched Pudiya, I felt that there is something that needs to be told today in times of infidelity and divorces. The film tries to say that one should not give up on marriages that felt fresh. In our journey of 1 million subscribers, we haven’t seen anything like this and immediately I wrote back to them saying we want to collaborate and present the film. What happens, how she saves her marriage is something that you will have to watch on The Short Cuts.”

Watch the film here: https://youtu.be/dGDc7tGIQGs



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