Jennifer Aniston, The Fashion Icon Of Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston, The Fashion Icon Of Hollywood!

Jennifer Aniston became the powerful household name after her graceful role as Rachel Green on Friends. Even the youths of today find in her the immense grace and dignity rare to find in others. But there dwells a different story behind this.


Aniston Was To Lose Weight Before She Became The Icon

Many of the people at that time thought she wasn't the right fit for Hollywood. Yes! This is a fact. Many thought that she needs to change herself in order to survive in the industry. She "was ordered to lose 30 pounds" if they wanted to stay there. Saul Austerlitz was the one to reveal this shocking fact. His upcoming book is Generation Friends: An Inside Look At The Show That Defined A Television Era. It is on the honor of Friends' 25 years completion. He has revealed the facts in this particular book.


Saul says, " Jennifer Aniston's agent was reluctantly leveling with her." He further says, " Aniston was hardly fat. Everyone could see she was beautiful. But as the show, she would one day become indelibly associated with later made a point of noting, the camera added ten pounds. We also get to know that the actress had conflict issues. She did not become Rachel quickly.


We can also recollect about the issue of Monica Geller in this case. Jennifer was also associated with the comedy known as Muddling Through. Other shocking facts have also come up. Maybe the makers did find someone else to play the role of Rachel. But yes the role was destined to be played by Jennifer. What happened next is absolute history and that she has been the fashion icon since then!


The 50-year-old actress admitted the fact that she had to reduce some of her favorite food habits which include the sandwich too. According to her, it was the  "most delicious food in the world." "My diet was terrible. Milkshakes and french fires with gravy. It was a good thing to start paying attention", says Jennifer.

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