HawksCode is engaged in crafting the finest IT products and services for its esteemed global clients. Headquartered in Australia, the organization was propounded by Mr Sunil Sharma in 2012 on September 27. Today, its presence encompasses 4 different continents with 5 global offices. HawksCode has been the recipient of 23 prestigious awards that goes on to portray its remarkable caliber and potential.

This proficient IT firm offers varied services. They include:-
  • ERP Software
  • Database Management and SaaS
  • Integration of Payment Gateways
  • Crypto Currency and Blockchain solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • E-commerce
  • CRM
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Off-shore Development
  • API Integration
  • IT consulting, etc

HawksCode envisions continuing empowering global organizations and associations by enabling them to harness the preeminent utilization of IT technologies. Imaginative and Insightful, over the years, Hawkscode has strengthened its brand portfolio by unleashing diversified products with inventive programming and utmost integrity. The perpetual spirit of the CEO and the organization’s valuable human assets is relentlessly engaged in the pursuit of devising novel ways to enrich the legacy of the Hawkscode. No wonder that in less time, HawksCode has become a synonym to a dynamic multi-brand and multi-vertical international business group.www.hawkscode.com

The National TV, a recently launched digital media product of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a brainchild of its CEO, Mr Sunil Sharma. He laid the foundation of this media venture on April 19, 2019, with a vision to revolutionize the entire mode in which the news is being perceived. Since, its establishment, it has made incredible swift progress.

The National TV has already embarked on a journey of claiming a critical and commercial success. However, it does not aim to rest on its laurels. It is committed to translating the intricate facts related to the Indian and International news. Moreover, proffering news related to all trending things including business, politics, sports, entertainment, education, technology, is what enables it to stay ahead of the pack. The National TV targets the global news that is not only impactful but also credible.

The National TV envisions being the most credible, treasured and watched channel all across the globe. At present, it is primarily an online media portal with the flagship website www.thenationaltv.com

From entertainment to social causes, from in-depth political insights to the trending fashion, it possesses a knack of bringing fresh perspectives in news irrespective of its domain. In simple words, its honest, courageous and unbiased approach towards proffering news related to varied domains has begun striking the perfect chord with its target audiences.

Mr Sunil Sharma sensed that the Indian Education System needs an instant overhaul. He detected a few major flaws underlining in the nation’s education system and initiated introducing corrective measures. Availability of the fewer quality education websites that do not cater to the learners belonging to the non-sound financial background is one of the biggest drawbacks of the Indian education system. Lack of quality-oriented online test-series is yet another major hurdle for the learners.

Therefore, he decided to launch an integrated solution in the form of EasyShiksha that aims to make the learning more engaging with the assistance of relevant distance learning solutions. This appealing platform is meant for various educational entities including universities, faculties and students. It compels them to join hands to build a better future of education in India.

Through this platform, worldwide learners gain access to top-notch quality online educational resources irrespective of their specific social and income status. It now enables learners across the world to enrol themselves for the relevant online certification programs. EasyShiksha is also available in the form of a mobile application. www.easyshiksha.com

HawksAMZ is a powerful plugin developed for Chrome Browser. This dedicated Amazon Plug-in is competent in tracking data of all those products that are listed on Amazon.com. It offers varied details including profit, loss, interest, extra pay, original cost, etc.

CryptoLions acts like a one-stop destination related to Cryptocurrency. This data sheet like hub keeps a tab on all the ongoing activities that are taking place in the gamut of digital currency or Blockchain. A user may also register a new coin with the assistance of all the required data that is made available by CryptoLions.

RTOmaster was designed to make education flexible and affordable for Australian students. This software is powered with its native CRM system that lends the required assistance to enable students to manage their tasks. This CRM-powered Management software lends the utmost contribution in delivering flawless distance education solutions.

This dedicated internship portal lends the required assistance to the Indian students regarding fetching desired internship offers. This brilliant product aims to lend wings to the vivid dreams of the students that help them to shape their bright future.

This remarkable product of HawksCode imparts world-class HR services. A proficient employee is the most precious asset to any organization. HRCrux does acknowledge this fact and hence is incessantly engaged in the pursuit of bridging the gap between the talent and the skill set requirement of specific job requirements. With the assistance of its brilliant intelligence test, it ensures the apt selection of human assets.

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