China need to alert, Jim ping say

After mounting toll on tech giant Huawei by USA, Chines president says that China must prepare for difficult time as situations are became complex. World’s two largest economies are striking and escalate the tariffs each other. USA put this company in blacklist and saw saveral mobile carriers are delay to launch new Huawei smartphone.


Xi Jimping said “Today, on the new Long March, we must overcome various major risks and chal­lenges from home and abroad.Our country is still in a period of important strategic opportunities for develop­ ment, but the international situation is increasingly com­ plicated,”


Further he said, “We must be conscious of the long­term and complex nature of unfavourable factors at home and abroad, and appropriately prepare for various difficult situations.”


 May 10, since no talks between China and USA negotiators and Donald Trump increase tariffs 200 billions dollar worth of Chinese Goods.

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