Students And Freedom!

Today's youth seek the truth with sincerity. They utterly dislike duplicity and double standards. Like Omkar Khayyam, they want to dash the present world to pieces and rebuild according to their ideals. While their aspiration needs appreciation, they need to be reminded that all that is good and valuable in the last cannot be put aside. The past has its good tradition of freedom exercised wisely to fulfill one's duty and responsibility in life. Restrictions on our freedom can become inconvenient and frustrating.


Students prefer to be free to do what they choose. They seem to resent any type of interference with or limitations on their freedom. But the truth is that students like to be guided along the right path for their own good. In the long run, they are led by leaders of their own choice and after their own fashion. The results of a survey made among teenagers show that most of the students want more freedom, sympathy, and genuine love from their parents and relatives.


They say: "The parents' love towards us should be more considerate and selfless. We should be given enough pocket money and more freedom to spend it the way we like." A boy writes: " The one thing I crave for, whether at home or outside, is LOVE- love that takes various forms at various levels. Love is a supreme gift others can give me and I can give to others. Of my parents, I expect to love that is not more emotional affection, but love that shows itself in action; love that goes the extent, at times, of great sacrifice; love that feels for me; love that respects me as a grown-up." Some students say that parents, particularly the father, should give their sons direction and good counsel while giving them the freedom of choice and action.


They should provide their sons with proper and kore realistic knowledge about sex problems and thus avoid problems in adult life. They should devote some time, at least once a week, to discuss their children's problems and difficulties. From teachers, the students expect genuine interest in their progress and welfare. They want the teacher to be more sympathetic and tolerant towards their faults and shortcomings. They want a more friendly relationship with their teachers. This could come about through free mixing between students and teachers. The school is the students' first introduction to life in a community. It is here that the first lessons in good citizenship are learned.


Therefore, more importance should be given to fostering initiative and a sense of responsibility in the growing boy or girl, rather than restricting attention to imparting knowledge alone. The freedom of choice is ours in every situation of life. We choose in life what we want, but we must not fail to pay the price. As we sow, so shall we reap.



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