Learn to Appreciate True Love


People all over the new are in love with each other, some are loving the family from the wife to the children till the time they die, there are many people who do not only love their loved ones, today we have two such loving lovers Hearing the story, who used to love each other's life, but due to some misunderstanding and mistake, they are separated from each other, but tell one thing, the elders have rightly said that the end is good; Let's understand what is the story. There was a middle-class family, only three people lived in that family. There was a boy named Shiraz in that family. When Shiraz was small, when he was in the fifth grade, his family was living in a different city before when his father changed. They started to move to each other so that their father was so close to coming, that his father got him admitted to a high school in the same city because he had no friends to sit with him after passing a few days. She had a good friendship with her friend, Shiraz was fine in studies but seeing her ability, she had a lot of desires with her teacher, that teacher loved her.


When he did not come, he called her at home and said that he used to take all this fun to come to her. In the same school, there was a girl named Reema in her class, she was very smart, she was the topper of the school and she was very beautiful. On the day, both of them fought with a math question, the teacher settled the dispute of both the two, but then every day for some reason or the other Shiraz used to live in a quarrel, she used to speak anything in Puri school and she also did not hesitate to speak. One day the teacher sent all the children to play in the field. All the girls were playing on one side and the boys also played cricket on the other side. While playing, suddenly, Reema threw the ball to a boy, he got angry, he threw the ball too hard and pushed Reema and hit him hard. Reema rang him loudly within earshot when Shiraz was coming. He saw his fight, he was about to get hit on the boy Reema, then Shiraj took him in a bat hand and Reema respected you for killing you, so do not think that his ball accidentally caught you when you are playing cricket.


If he felt like a boy, then by explaining to him in this way, he resolved the dispute, then Rima felt that Shiraj, who was fighting with me all the time, treated me like this today. He went and asked Shiraj in simple words that he would have done the same if someone else was there. Whether he was a boy or a girl, you had some fault of his, he said thank you on those things, the next day there was a paper in the school, Shiraz did not study anything. Reema sitting on her side bench turned on the paper turned one-hour dead hour happened Shiraz was not able to write anything when Reema looked at her, Reema asked for something, so tell me Shiraz was hesitating to ask for her answer, then Reema gave her the paper. She tried to write something crazy, she was trying to write something, then she started writing, thanking her after the paper was over, a few days later, the teacher asked Shiraz Reema.


Shiraz is over, the enemy is over, but we have made peace among ourselves. After a few days, Rima's feelings for Shiraj started increasing and in her mind, feelings for her increased, both of them started talking to each other with love. When Shiraj did not come to school, she used to cry disappointed all day and when she would come, there was a smile on her face when the teacher was studying something, then in between, both of them used to look at each other with an arrow and look at each other. I started falling in love with them, but they couldn't find each other, they used to do this, some months passed, both were in the tenth standard, but even then they Shiraz's house was not mentioned by love, leaving two lanes from Reema's house, sometimes Shiraz used to go to get the goods, so he would go through Reema's building when he saw her and he would be happy and Reema too Used to have a Diwali festival when all Shiraz's friends and Reema's friends used to meet each other in a field on Diwali morning and eat food, then Shiraz thought that today he will share his heart with Reema and The same thought was in the mind when both of them came in front of each other, Shiraz was a little nervous if you started loving Reema if you loved a boy, then you will be able to support him throughout your life.


And if the nature is good then Shiraz said that there is a boy who has been loving you for the last three years but has not said anything till today, who is Reema Boli, you tell me only Shiraz said you also know who the boy is but you speak Did not get it, both people started laughing, they asked me together, will you come with me for the entire life, the answer to both was only that day, very happy day for Shiraz. It was then that both of them started talking to each other in love, but after the tenth, Shiraz and Rima got enrolled in different colleges because Shiraz had to do something different in his life, so even though he went out of the city, his love was no less Reema did not like the fact that she had gone out of the city, yet she was close to each other. After a few years, Shiraz returned to her city again. She went to meet him at Reema College suddenly, but she saw and found out more information. Someone else had come into Reema's life, he came out of college on hearing this and gave himself a glimpse that no one loved it so much as true love I accidentally loved it. My pith was all going on after a few days.


Reema's message came to him that you have come back to the city, where ever you meet Shiraz said, I do not need to meet with you, you have to travel with your friend, I know what your true love is, Reema is surprised how she knows this thing. She did not tell you one thing, but then she left to talk about Reema, there was another boy in Reema's life, but she was as plentiful. Who did not have much importance in his life, that boy also started showing his color Reema after a few days, Reema started to realize on everything that Shiraz never hurt me till today, but our fights would surely have been sad Not a single thing happened to me till today Reema went to Sidha Shiraz's house one day and started apologizing to Shiraj in front of her parents, Shiraj forgive her after seeing her condition and told her that I had asked you one day to support the real boy. Will you be able to give me life? Then you said that if true love and nature are good, then along with it, Dunga again started crying, but Reema started crying but Shiraj forgive her very heartily, she came to know that it has realized its mistake Reema said anything. I will not leave you, thus two people are back together. 

Learn to appreciate friends who are true love!!

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