Effects Of Change in Education 2020


The most prominent change in education due to COVID 19


The Coronavirus has given so much problem to the whole world. Everyone is facing a lot of issues due to this pandemic. Each of the businessmen or job employees are deeply affected. Many of the associates are dismissed from their jobs due to a lack of resources and money.


Education, on the other hand, is suffering from a lot of problems. Students are being taught online through live classes or any other method. Kids are struggling to study as many of the parents cannot afford the expenditure of online studies. Over 1.2 Billion students are unable to go to schools for education.


The government schools where students were not coming from a well-established family are unable to study a single word. For a better understanding of anything, a proper interaction is greatly essential. This online era is making the studies a tough task. Sitting in front of laptops and smartphones for a very long time is unhealthy for the younger generation. Online classes keep the kid watch the screens for hours. Most of the parents are unable to teach their children.

Previously the kids were given the mobile phones for a limited period, as of now they have to forcefully give their mobiles to them for studies.




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