No Man Is Completely Happy

Evils that beset life on earth are so many and so varied that one's happiness is dependent on conditions and factors beyond one's control. The result is: it is impossible to attain complete happiness. But I’ll health or mental suffering or both seem to be a common lot of mankind. Again man's happiness greatly depends upon those whom he has to deal with daily life. Plenty dies not to seem to solve the problem; for the more one has, the more one desires. Alexander who conquered the then known world wept for more words to be conquered. True, whoever has no wanted, has contentment which leads to complete happiness.


Perfect contentment ever remains an ideal to be realized. The sentiments of compassion in man prevent him from being happy. Buddha who could not bear to see human suffering, renounced the world, and preached the gospel of universal sympathy. So life is not an unmixed joy. It is well worth considering the effect of this on life. The attended difficulties and sufferings in life are a blessing in disguise. They help make a man grow morally and spiritually, in as much as they tend constantly to remind him of God, the giver of bliss. Hence Kunti's last prayer to Lord ‘Krishna' for troubles in life, so that she may always think of Him.






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