Why Trees Are Underrated In Today's Generation?


Why Trees Are Underrated In Today's Generation

Imagine you have a friend who helps you every time, supports you in every situation, and is always around you. But you on the other hand tend to ignore him and stay away from him and not appreciate him much even though he helps you so much. Now, replace the word "friend" with "trees". You will notice how perfectly it fits in that paragraph. What do trees do for us? Trees give us oxygen that we breathe, they give us shade, they give us fruits and flowers and other valuable products. They are always around us but we on the other hand are running away from them. Why is that? We build complexes, buildings, factories, Malls, etc by cutting down these trees. It is ironic that we are destroying the only thing which sustains our lives just to get us some space and luxury.

We do not think about trees as much as we do about other things. We ignore the fact that every second, the pure air we are breathing is coming from trees. The pollution is under control with the help of trees. The harmful carbon dioxide gas is absorbed by these trees so that the air becomes less poisonous

This generation is all about technology, even a small kid will know how to operate mobile phones and TV settings which elderly people might not know. This is because they were born in this situation. Science and Technology are everything. But what we are missing out on is that we are making technology advanced by compromising on the environment. The same environment which sustains our life. 

This is wrong. We should figure out a way in which both the technology and the environment become advanced. There can be many ways. We first need to stop deforestation as it is a major reason for the destruction of the environment. We need to start planting more and more trees and spread awareness in the whole world about the importance of trees. The world is slowly dying with the environment getting destroyed. The environment is suffering a lot. The ozone layer is getting holes because of the gases which are released from industries. This ozone layer is so important to us that without it it would be impossible to live on this planet. The ozone layer protects us from the harmful radiation of the sun. This is a serious issue. If we do not initiate something then it will be an end for us.




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