Send uncompressed images on Whatsapp

As all of you send numbers of images per day but are you tired of getting a slight blur image which degrades the quality as the picture was sent ofnWhatsapp Learn how to send uncompressed images on Whatsapp just by following the below steps. By these simple steps, your image will be sent without being compressed and your quality will remain the same.


So here are the steps that will show you how to send images on your favorite messaging app Whatsapp without using any extra third party app 

1)  Open the File Manager and rename the image file as .doc or .pdf for example if your file name is xyz.jpeg/png/jpg then just save it as xyz.pdf / xyz.doc

2)  Now send the renamed file as a document to the receiver you want to send and after sending tell the receiver to rename the file as .jpg i.e xyz.jpg and now by opening this file all you will get is the original, uncompressed image.

Try It by doing yourself and ask your friend about the same image quality details.


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