2nd September 2015 I have seen you for the first time on television you lay on the floor as if you had fallen asleep tired. The way I used to sleep close to my mother when I was a child but your mother was not beside you, Aylan. I have her she was with you on one of those several boats that leave each night to fulfill the oceans hunger that night the even the ocean did not spare you. Those waves that swallowed you were quite innocent different devar rescuing you from the painful trials you would have faced from there condescending gazes, from their questions those who would not ask you where you have come from those who would not ask why you came in the first place those who do not ask you have things are back at your home where there are only even corpses all around, corpses that have no names, where all around there is only ever blood.


That seems to have no value where before in funeral there were lines and now inlines there are funerals where each night missiles draw such lines in the sky to make it seem like the sky is smiling although it looks like the sky is smiling the smile of those who live below are erased forever. The sky that smiling puts up with everything the sky that you probably feel is now inhabited, abounded. But believe me, Aylan, please believe me God is not to blame for any of this.


The Blame lies with those who believe that they themselves are God on those faces one sees borders but in whose eyes apathy can't be seen do you want to decide how many breeds and how much food should go to how many people those who have doubted themselves that the Earth is made by them to do with as they please. I don't know who thinks that the Earth's thirst can only be fulfilled by blood I don't know why people have turned their gazes away from you, Aylan.





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