AI-powered agriculture,India uses AI to boost farming

Under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana our Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has started using Artificial Intelligence(AI) on a pilot basis. The aim behind using AI is to cut down the cost of farming while increasing productivity it also aimed at ensuring better prices for farmers. Narendra Singh Tomer our Welfare and agriculture Minister said that talking about governments initiative to use AI in Agriculture field, AI can be used in various domains like predicting the weather, crop and price forecasting.


The AI will help the Indian farmers to take a correct decision and minimize the risk, which will save the farmers life i.e less suicide and they can live a happy life. In 2016 of February our PM launched a scheme for farmers that covers sowing, germination risks, loss of standing crops and also an addon coverage for loss of crops due to attack by wild animals.

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