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Watching television as a kid was a great pleasure but greater was the annoyance when while watching a crucial part of a program an advertisement break would suddenly start putting a halt on the story. Obviously, as a kid, it made no sense why broadcasters would tease you like that but later you get to know it was a strategy to make money.

Years later, we see these advertisements in different forms such as pop up ads, etc. Adware and Browser Hijacker are the two kinds of malware (malicious + software) that uses these forms of advertisement to take control over devices and networks and damage them in order to make a profit for the hackers who use these tools to get inside their system. They are both similar to some extent like their trait to use advertisement as the root of attack but the distinction is there between them which put them in two different brackets when it comes to categorizing different kinds of malware.


In this article we will be discussing the functions and damages they cause not in contrast but as separate entities

• Adware –

when you open a website or a webpage on the browser you can see many advertisements on it. While some websites belonging to large and wealthy organizations have a no-ad policy, which means you will not be bothered by this advertisement, some smaller-scale websites need these ads to make more profit and survive in a tough competition in business.


Hackers use these advertisements in order to install the software in your device and network which they can use to manipulate them. What makes this adware more dangerous is their ability to hide even from the operating system. Thus it is important not to click on any link or advertisement which you think may be adware. Adware also comes in a pop-up ad, to prevent them, trusted software can be installed after consulting experts. Browser hijacker needs the help of adware in order to enter into a system.

Browser Hijacker –

the most important thing to remember is that even though browser hijacker is a part of the system of adware, it holds a unique position for itself just as the adware holds a position for itself that is separated from malware even though it is counted among the categories of Malware. Browser hijacker does exactly what its' name suggests, it hijacks your browser and takes control over it. If you see webpages popping out on your browser out of nowhere you need not wonder but take some action because it means browser hijacker is at on your device. 


Toolbars –

there are a number of toolbars that are part of the malware team and some of these fall under the categories of malware like Ask Toolbar which can come into your device while you’re installing Java. Babylon Toolbar changes your browser homepage and is a form of browser hijacker since it alters the functions of your browser. There is another toolbar called Certified Toolbar. While the name of these toolbars is different, almost all the functions they carry are the same.

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