How many books do you read in a month? Reading books is a medium of visual entertainment

Many great personalities read at least one book a weak. Even though we have many mediums to get visual entertainment as well as knowledge. They cannot provide us the magical effect of reading books. As we know there are a lot of advantages to reading books. While we watch a web series or a movie we will be going only through the imaginary world created by its director. When you read a book the author gives us the freedom to go with his/her characters.


Books Create our own imaginary world, where the world of imagination has no boundaries

We will be having a habit of taking a book from the library and keeping it for its due date. It happens because we use our time in front of the Television and laptops for watching web series. And we forget the book taken for reading. The book will be resting in the shelf waiting for an enthusiastic reader to come. There are certain tips which we all can follow to make reading as a habit.


The first tip is very simple, take a book of your interest. It may be a novel, autobiography, motivational stories or whatever you can take as you wish. Give some space in your regular routine for reading book. You can fix your time to read, don’t try to put off your reading. You must look to the index of the book and go for the chapters in the book try to complete one chapter a day.


The next tip is to note down the total pages of the book you want to read and divide equally so you can finish the book in one weak or less. Try to involve yourself in the book as you do when you watch a movie. You may be bored after reading the first chapter, never quit. After reading the two chapters the book make you read the next chapter. If you follow these rules, it is sure that you can complete the less than ten days.

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