Benefits of Olive Oil in the Diet

Olive oil is very beneficial for your body. If you are troubled by dry skin, you can get rid of it by using olive oil. It is very beneficial for the skin. Olive oil proves to be very beneficial in eliminating dandruff and facial wrinkles from hair. It is considered beneficial not only for the body parts but also in controlling blood pressure in the body. You can use olive oil in salads or in other cooking.


1 For strong heart and controlled blood pressure, use olive oil in your food. This reduces the chances of a heart attack.

2 Massage olive oil on your lips, you can get rid of your dry and lifeless lips and get soft lips.

3 If you soak your nails in olive oil for 15-30 minutes, then your nails will become soft and soft. You can get soft feet and heels using it on dry feet too.

4 Massage the olive oil on the facial tender skin for 15-20 minutes. This will remove your tanning. You can get tanning-free skin by mixing it with sandalwood powder or applying steam on the face.

5 You can also use it by mixing it in a face pack and get rid of the wrinkles of your face. Massage the face for 3-4 days by mixing olive oil with lemon juice. You can also use it by mixing it with sandalwood powder.

6 It can also be used as a conditioner. It is beneficial in removing dandruff and making hair silky and soft.




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