Sri Lanka blasts: Government to deport all visa-violating foreigners

Internal and home minister affairs  Vajira Abeywardana on thursday instructed the immigration office that they should control and take the steps to deport all the illegal foreigners that are staying in srilanka,under the prevailing security situation. 


Two indians were arrested on thursday in rajagiriya area here for violating the sri lankan immigration rule during their stay in sri lanka. another among 13 foreigners nationals arrested by police in mount lavinia. The others arrested for the crime include ten Nigerians, an Iraqi and a Thai national staying in different parts of the Lankan capital.


Abeywardana passed the orders following discussions with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Muslim Religious Affairs Minister M.H.A.Haleem on forming a national policy on how to handle the issue of foreign Muslim preachers who visit the island nation to conduct religious classes. It is feared that these preachers give speeches and radicalise youth to perform acts of violence on other religions, the report said.

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