Indian Cricket Team's Gabbar, Shikhar Dhawan injured

One of Indian Cricket Team's key player Shikhar Dhawan has been injured while playing the match against Australia this Sunday at The Oval. His left thumb is fractured hence, he won't be able to play for the country for about next three weeks.


Shikhar Dhawan smashed a match winning century this Sunday against Australia scoring 117, but got injured. Hence, he won't be playing next few matches against New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Indies and England.


Shikhar Dhawan is one of the expirienced pillars of Indian Cricket team, absence of whom might affect the team which is indeed a matter of concern for the team. Reportedly, he will be probably replaced by either Shreyas Iyer or Rishabh Pant.


However, this might affect the batting order of the team as well. A splendid player like him is the need of hour and the team cannot afford to lose him at this point. Hence, the country is just praying for his quick recovery so that he can come back with all his strength to contribute.

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