Mysterious Facts About Area 51 | Mysterious Places In The World

Very few people know about Area 51 coming inside US States Air Force. This area is considered one of the most mysterious places in the world. It is said that here many secrets of the US government are buried.


Today we are going to tell you 9 interesting facts associated with Area 51:- 

# Area 51 is considered to be the stronghold of aliens Aliens are seen to be seen in many places in the world. But in Area 51 the reality is hidden in these claims. There have been many things around this place that have confirmed the claim that there are aliens. America's Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman has gone to Area 51. He made tremendous speculation with his statement in 2014. He had told that he had talked with the other world's creatures, the aliens. At the same time, he also told that method, from which these aliens travel from Earth to their planet in just one hour.


# People are scared about this place in the mind There are many people who do not want to go to this place. Edward Lovin, a man who has lived in this place for more than 30 years, had named Paradise Ranch in this place to reduce the fear of sitting in the minds of people. But still, people are afraid to go to this intelligence place. Dead body photos of several aliens have also come out from this area.


# This place is deadly If you live here from your aliens and nuclear weapons, then you are in danger. Actually, many poisonous materials at this place have been dumped in an unspecified manner. Due to this, people living here get skin disease to cancer.


# Nobody knows why this secret place is built The CIA first announced that there is a secret place named Area 51 in the US. Earlier, it was just a matter of discussion among the people that there is such a place. However, the CIA never mentioned why this Secret Place has been built?


# Neil Armstrong never visited the moon! Yes, there are many people in the world who believe that Neil Armstrong has never gone to the moon. At Area 51, America had made an act of setting up a fack setup and landing on Moon. However, there is no evidence of this.


# Maybe there is a big nuclear plant Many people also believe that America has installed a9 at this place. And many eclipse weapons are also made from here. # Drone Tests done here It is said that American drones are tested at this place. The test of U-2 Spy Plains was done at this place. It is believed that the American government engineers make several military hardware at this place.


# The government had vacated the gun at the tip of the area All the people who were around the area were forced to free them from the US military force. No one was told, but whoever refused to vacate the place was made to scare them at the tip of the gun.


# The BBC had infiltrated this place In 2012, the BBC thought of making a documentary at this place. Because of this, the camera crew went here, but for a long time, even after driving in Veerana, they did not feel anything. However, as soon as the security was over him, he was taken hostage as a spy.




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