The Value Of Games And Sports

A healthy mind in a healthy body” is a well-known adage So is the saying, ALl work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, proverbs and sayings reveal the practical wisdom and long experience of the world. They are like golden coins whose currency is forever. Without games and sports, our youngsters would develop into cowards, lethargic weaklings, and imbeciles. One of the most effective and time-tested ways to ensure healthy growth of body and mind is to make students and young men and women take an active part in outdoor activities of games and port. The aim of education is the all-around development of the personality of the students, the future of the nation. Useless they are bodily fit, they cannot be mentally competent. It is a well-established fact that the development of mental facilities depends to a great extent on the proper and timely growth of the body and its various organs. For want to physical growth, there would be lopsided development and children will be wanting in balanced personality. 


Games and sports, athletics and outdoor exercises inculcate discipline, teamwork, patience, a sense of justice and fair play, courage, endurance, cooperation, and perseverance, These are the qualities which can be easily acquired in the field through playing various games like football, volleyball, kabaddi, badminton, basketball, Khokho, tennis, etc. Similarly, weight-lifting. Gymnastics, swimming, running, jogging, horse-riding, etc. are very rewarding as they stimulate physical and mental growth.


Intellectual or mental power as well as manpower are equally important for the progress and development of a nation. Manpower means not merely the number of hands but also the powerful and healthy hands that can venture can neither turn the wheels of industry, nor plow the field, nor protect the country against foreign aggression. It is said and rightly that the Battle of Trafalgar was fought and won on the playground of the school where the hero of the war, Horatio Nelson(1758-1805) played games and enjoyed sports. He got training in discipline and imbibed the qualities of leadership here.


We want tough, trained, disciplined, brave, dashing, noble-minded, intelligent, powerful, and patriotic citizens, men, and women. Such a product is possible only when the activities of the students in schools and colleges are judiciously spread over both classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and the arena of sports and games. Swimming pools, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and stadia are as important as classrooms and libraries. It is by taking part in games and sports right from elementary school that young men and women can have the necessary physical fitness, the right mental makeup, and abilities to face the tough challenges, realities, and difficulties of life when they enter their manhood and womanhood.


During physical exercises, activities, games, and athletics the intake of oxygen is in abundance which promotes mental skills and physical growth. It keeps digestion in perfect order and there is a lot of stamina and vitality. Games teach how to subordinate personal interests and ambitions to that of the team. Players and sportspersons are far more disciplined, cheerful, optimistic, self-sacrificing, cooperative, accommodating, and samaritan than others. Physical activities also provide an outlet for the surplus energy and feelings of anger etc. games keep them away from violence, mischief, indiscipline, hooliganism, and other undesirable activities. But physical activities should never be at the cost of studies and mental pursuits fair balance between the two is needed.




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