Camp Nou celebrates: Messi seals another victory. Barcelona, The winners of LaLiga title

Barcelona were able to remain the defending champions of the league and the fans will again be seeing the champions badge on the league jerseys in the next season. Yesterday, was a night of celebration at Camp Nou when the 91,000 spectators expressed their immense happiness and joy for being the loyal fans to their club and there started the 'champions' cries.


The 35th match day in the league game was between FC Barcelona and Levante. Despite the strong hand, Barcelona had on the LaLiga title, there was not a single seal of goal until the second half when Messi joined the team from the bench and swiftly scored a goal. The forward Argentine player got a header from Vidal. Successfully crossing the two defenders Messi planted a goal at the farther corner, thus the captain leading his team towards the win.

The manager Valverde expressed his happiness for the consecutive win of Barcelona in the LaLiga title. He also said, the win is credited to the forward, and Captain Leonel Messi who definitely is the core of the Barcelona's era of the championship!


Lionel Messi lighted up his fans in the previous match with his 34th league goal. The 62nd-minute goal by Messi was definitely a saviour of Barcelona's title. Upon this, Valverde commented: "Messi was always ready to come on and I always knew he was going to play but we also have a game on Wednesday. He has to stay active and he scores goals everywhere he goes and he has won us this title,"


LaLiga is a platform or the title which has tough competition from several good performing and in form clubs who compete for the European trophies. Hence this win of Barcelona was not an easy one, especially when it is participating in multiple numbers of championships at the same time. To enlighten this thing Valverde also said:

"It is very difficult to win this title, without the number of teams we are competing with, especially with this margin. We have done it two years in a row and it's fantastic to see the fans celebrate the title like this at home. Now we want to go and celebrate it."

After the win, several players stated their opinions on Barcelona's winning this title. midfielder Busquets said "Eight out of 11 titles will be very difficult to repeat because La Liga is so difficult, it has the best teams, the ones that are always fighting for European trophies so what we have done is historic," 

The players and the fans should enjoy this night without going over the top, said Ivan Rakitic.

Barcelona is to face Liverpool for the UEFA champion's league. Permutations, combinations and discussions have already begun. Now, what's left to see is will Barcelona seal another consecutive victory under the reign of Lionel Messi. The leg 1 match is on 2nd May and leg 2 on 8th May. Barcelona would play against Valencia in the Copa del Rey final on May 25. So let's wait and watch if we encounter the unbeatable phase of Barcelona.

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