Why is it necessary to have an injection of tetanus in case of injury


You must have heard from your childhood that injection of tetanus is necessary in case of injury. If the injury is serious or minor, the doctor also recommends injecting tetanus first. But do you know why it is necessary to give an injection of tetanus? If not, then let us know from these 5 things why the injection of tetanus is necessary after the injury. Sometimes some people even ignorantly apply this injection, but the reason is that those people do not know how dangerous it can prove to be.


Actually, tetanus is required to be injected after an injury caused by iron or any metal. If not installed, the problems mentioned here may have to be faced. Tetanus bacteria are found in soil, compost or dust. It is also called 'lockjaw', as it closes the jaw. Because of which it becomes impossible to open the mouth.


In such a situation the person is unable to eat anything. In case of injury or wound somewhere in the body, these bacteria stick there and cause infection in the body. They especially thrive in places where there is dirt. There is also fear of tetanus due to animal bites, burns or wrong injections. This disease is not contagious, so do not worry, help someone when it happens, rather than isolate it.


Children should get it vaccinated, this will develop bacterial antibodies to tetanus in their body. If your tetanus vaccination was not given in childhood, now get tetanus vaccinated. This vaccination takes place in 3 stages - the first vaccine is given, the second vaccine is given after 4 weeks and the third vaccine, 6 to 2 weeks.

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