Don't have a PASSION have a PURPOSE

Passion is positive energy within you which always makes you happy and you never feel tired of doing that. Passion is enthusiasm and excitement for life. Because our passion always says sleep dude enjoy your life use your mobile for 24/7 for just entertainment and have fun in life. 90% of the times passion is what makes you lazy and deprive you of success. Every day visits a cafe and wastes your money. Even your passion tells you the same? And that's the reason we all have to keep a purpose rather than passion. Purpose says to get up do the fucking stuff which matters in life. It tells you to get up go to the gym and be healthy, write the blog, make a youtube video, run 10 miles, write an eBook do whatever thing you can do in life without just sleeping and wasting your precious time. Passion will always keep you in the comfort zone.

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