Why Is Career Important?


A career is a way of earning one's livelihood. It should be chosen in time, and with the help of the right person. Why is a career necessary? A career is necessary for leading a professional life or for employment which affords opportunities for progress in this life. Most of our ancestors were "Jacks of all trades and master of none". When someone had to build his own house, grow his own food, make his own clothes, and by his own doctor, he did not have much time to specialize and become an expert in any one of these activities. Byt with time, as roads were cleared and traveled because safer, there came a change. People began to visit one another and talk over their common needs. They even found after talking this over, that they could help one another in dozens of different ways.


Little by little men began to see that it might be a good thing if each person had all this time doing what he could do best. By this method, every person in the group would profit from the skill of every other person instead of trying to do a dozen different things himself. Each little community then began to develop its carpenters, its butchers, its bakery, and other professional men. As life became more and more difficult due to the increasing needs and demands of man, more and more careers began to see the light of the day. To make a thing is no easy job. Take a piece of bread for example; it tastes so good at dinner. Several people from different professions make use of their talents to prepare this bread. The miner, the woodcutter, the cattle raiser, the basket maker, the farmer, the engineer, the railwaymen, and many others contribute to making it.


The miner gathers metals for plows; the woodcutter furnishes handles for tools; the cattle raiser supplies the harness for the horses; railwaymen carry wheat to the mills and so on till bread is brought to your own home from the bakery. In this age of specialization together with the advance of science, career planning becomes extremely important. The individual has not only to prepare for a career but also needs to have the exact qualities to fit into a specialized job. When you will have finished school, you will wonder what you should do next. You will try to think of a job that will suit you best- to choose a career for yourself. Each career calls for special talents. We should find out the talents of the career we are interested in and then see if we have them. If all of us take these points into account carefully, we will not fail in life.




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