Marvel Reveals The Trailer Of The Infinity Saga, Celebrates The Success Of A Decade!

Infinity Saga Full Trailer Now Available Online!

For nearly about a decade, the Marvel movies have entertained it's fans to the utmost. Action, emotion, fiction, fantasies, romance, and everything has been an integral part of the movies. Now that the trailer of the Infinity Saga has been released. It covers all the massive 23 marvel movies in the past 11 years.


Kevin Feige To Release The Trailer

Kevin Feige is the one to unveil this and the attendees of this year's San Francisco's Comic-Con got a chance to view it. The trailer was shown in late July too where the producer of Marvel, Victoria Alonso was honored at the events of SIGGRAPH.

But now it's for the first time that it has been released fully online, indicating how massively it hit the theatres for the last 11 years. Starting from way back to Iron Man in 2008 to everything has happened till now is there in the trailer. It runs fro 2 minutes and 39 seconds. It begins with the iconic sound of Tony Stark making the Iron Man suit.

Kevin has shared many interesting facts in the saga. It contains the deleted post-credit scene from the movie of Iron man. The scene features Nick Fury talking about mutants, hulk, and spiderman. He has also promised the addition of multiple bonuses in the same. The saga is going to be released in the Blu Ray Boxset.

This year has been utterly precious for the MCU. Now seems, another feather is going to be added in the success crown. Still, we won't be able to speak about anything more until the release. Meanwhile, the fans are eager for the stand-alone Black Widow prequel, going to be released next year. Amidst all these, Kevin has talked about another recent interesting project for the marvel universe. It includes the streaming new Disney plus series'. The fans are eager and curious too regarding the happenings of Phase 4. Hence a tough schedule awaits the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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