Solar Cycle 25 : Sun Enters Its 25th Solar Cycle

Scientists of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that a new Solar Cycle has begun, which is known as Solar Cycle 25. An International Group, The Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel(co-sponsored by NASA and NOAA) announced that the solar minimum occurred in December 2019. They mention that it can affect astronauts who work do work on space, it will also impact electronic communication. Heliophysist Lika Guhathakurta says that solar activity changes form as the pendulum swings, it never stops.


Solar Cycle: It is a cycle of the sun’s magnetic field which flips every 11 years of the time period. Such kind of activity is measured in terms of the number of observed sunspots on the solar surface. Due to Solar Cycle phenomenon like auroras occurs. At the beginning of the solar cycle, the sun has the least sunspots, which is known as a solar minimum, and in the middle stage of the solar cycle, the sun has many sunspots, which is known as solar maximum. And at the end of the cycle, it again back to the solar minimum stage and a new cycle begins, as Solar Cycle 25 begins after Solar Cycle 24.


Sunspots: We all know that spot is around or roundish mark which differing in color and texture from the surface. Simply sunspots are also spots in the sun’s surface due to the variation of the magnetic field. Such kind of temporary phenomenon occurs in the sun’s photosphere. Sunspots vary with the solar cycle. The temperature of sunspots varies with the surrounding surface. Sunspots are observed with land base and earth-orbiting solar telescopes. Scientists predict solar activity, space weather, and many more by analyzing sunspots.





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