On call conversation with PM Narendra Modi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulates PM Narendra Modi


On Saturday, 25th May 2019, Narendra Modi was re-elected as the Prime Minister of India and today Pakistan Prime Minister has congratulated him on his victory. On Thursday. Narendra Modi led his political party towards a historic win by winning 302 seats of the 543 member seats in Lok Sabha.


The re-elected Prime Minister was congratulated by Pakistan PM who showed his willingness towards the cumulative working of the countries together towards progress and prosperity. In return, honourable Prime minister of India thanked his counterpart in Pakistan for his telephone call and referred his own suggestions.


He as earlier suggested to fight poverty jointly and stressed on creating trust and air of peace in between. He laid his stress on an environment free of violence and terrorism. And only when the two countries can resort peacefully towards the same developing goals. Cooperating each other achieve peace progress and prosperity in our surroundings.


This evening the Pakistan spokesperson Mohammad Faisal has tweeted regarding the telephone call.


His tweet read: “PM spoke to PM Modi today and congratulated him on his party’s electoral victory in Lok Sabha elections in India. PM expressed his desire for both countries to work together for the betterment of their peoples. 1/2


Reiterating his vision for peace, progress and prosperity in South Asia, the Prime Minister said he looked forward to working with Prime Minister Modi to advance these objectives. 2/2”


Later the PMO in a release said, “The Prime Minister thanked the Prime Minister of Pakistan for his telephone call and greetings. Recalling his initiatives in line with his government’s neighbourhood first policy, Prime Minister Modi referred to his earlier suggestion to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to fight poverty jointly. He stressed that creating trust and an environment free of violence and terrorism were essential for fostering cooperation for peace, progress and prosperity in our region”.

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