Agriculture | Types Of farming

Agriculture may be a large subject. It encompasses the assembly of crops, husbandry, soil science, husbandry, dairy farm science, extension education, entomology, agriculture chemistry, agri engineering, agri social science, plant pathology and phytology. These subjects square measure instructed in numerous universities across the globe to coach folks within the field.


Different types of Farming


Here may be a check up on however the agricultural field has generally been classified in our country:

1. Agriculture One of the foremost wide practiced technique of farming in India. underneath this sort of farming, the farmers grow grains for themselves also as for the aim of sale.

2. Business Agriculture This type of agriculture focuses on high yield with the aim to export it to different countries to get profit. a number of the unremarkably grownup business crops within the country embody cotton, wheat and sugarcane.

3. Shifting Agriculture This type of farming is majorly practiced by social group teams to grow root crops. They largely clear the wooded space and grow crops there.

4. Intensive Agriculture This is a lot of common within the developed countries. However, it's additionally practiced in bound elements of India. It focuses on the utilization of machinery to grow and lift crops.

5. Intensive Agriculture This is a typical apply in densely inhabited areas of the country. it's centered on generating increasing output of the land by using totally different techniques. an honest quantity of investment in terms of cash and large labour force is needed for this.

6. Plantation Agriculture This type of agriculture involves the cultivation of crops that need an honest quantity of your time and area for growing. a number of these crops embody tea, rubber, coffee, cocoa, coconut, fruits and spices. this can be largely practiced within the states of province, Karnataka, geographic region and Kerala.

7. Wet Land Farming The square measureas that receive serious downfall square measure well irrigated and these are apt for the farming of crops like jute, rice and sugarcane.

8. Ground Farming It is practiced in desert-like areas like the central and northwest India. a number of the crops grownup in such square measureas are bajra, jowar and gram. this can be as a result of these crops need less water for growth.




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