Top 10 Fruits & Vegetables of Winter Season

1. Carrots: This vegetable has the highest amount of carotene when compared to other fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is an excellent source of vitamin B, C, D, E, and K. You can eat them raw or cook them as you wish.


2. Oranges: This fruit is the best source of vitamin C and helps your body fight against germs and gives potassium, minerals, folate, and fiber. Above all, it is low in calories.


3. Apples: All of us know that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, you can have this fruit at an affordable price during winter and opt for it as your midday snack and enjoy the benefits.


4. Turnips: This is a root vegetable the size of an apple. It has a sweet taste and starchy texture and contains fiber, folates, vitamins, and minerals and the best turnips come in the market during winter.


5. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potato is a renowned fruit made available in the winter season. It is rich in vitamins and other elements. As vitamin C is highly preferred in case of common cold or flu, Sweet potato can prevent you from this common disease. Also, vitamin D is highly needed by the human body to gain energy from the sun. Eating this fruit fulfills your daily requirement of sunlight that provides adequate vitamin D to your body.


6. Dark, Leafy Greens: Leafy vegetables are always recommended to gain energy as they are rich in iron and other elements that are required to grab sufficient energy within your body. Majorly, vegetable stalls will be stocked with bunches of spinach, mustard greens, and cabbage. Eating raw, dark, leafy greens help in pausing your young age. Not only is this, being a good supplement of carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, leafy green vegetables highly recommended to brighten your eye power.


7. Cabbage: Cabbage is a boon for those who need to enhance their mental power and concentration power, as it is rich in vitamin K and anthocyanin. Being low in fat and high in fiber, you can add it to your daily eatables list. It will help you control your weight.


8. Beet Roots & Turnip: In case any of your family members is a patient of blood pressure, you must let him drink the juice of beetroot as it helps to overwhelm the blood pressure in a few hours. It is also referred to as a pre-workout vegetable as drinking its juice before going to the gym enables one to work 16% more than normal. The existence of phytonutrients in it makes it a must-eat vegetable that cures different types of cancer.


9. Carrots & Radishes: Whenever the need for blood occurs, the carrot is always remembered. This taproot is a good source of vitamin-A, minerals, antioxidants, and many more elements. According to a study, it has been confirmed that eating carrots daily helps to cure skin, lung, and oral cavity cancers. It is also capable to stop the growth of tumor cells within your body. Because of many other essential elements, it can be eaten to solve many health-related issues.


10. Peas: Last, but not least, peas are a winter vegetable which is going to cover a large grocery market. it can help you with anti-aging. Also, this winter vegetable is a good source to gain energy and make your immune system strong. Its high fiber and protein help to control the blood sugar level. As it is rich in digestive fiber, digestion related problems like constipation is easily resolved by eating peas. It also controls cholesterol levels within your body.




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