Trip across country on wheels with pets

Mumbai based couple planned a four months long trip to travel whole country on wheels with their pets with them. For pet owners, taking a vacation is perhaps the hardest thing to do. The thought of leaving your furry friends at a hostel or with a caretaker is heart-breaking. Getting extended family or friends to babysit your pet is never easy either No one knows that better than Tanveer Taj and Priyanka Jena, who were here in the city last week. The Mumbai-based couple took their two dogs Frodo, a golden retriever and Cruise, a Labrador on a four-month-long road trip across India. “I and my partner, Priyanka, are both travel and adventure enthusiasts and we had been taking short trips out of Mumbai with our dogs since they were puppies but this was really ambitious,” admits Tanveer, an avid biker, writer and photographer.



“Finding pet friendly accommodation was the toughest in big cities. It was much easier in small towns and villages. They were open to sharing a meal with us, with our dogs and always curious to know about our journey,” says Tanveer who fondly remembers how the two dogs reacted to snow for the first time. “They went crazy playing around and it was really heart-warming,” the two tell us. A state that left them pleasantly surprised for not just the beautiful landscape but warm hospitality was Meghalaya. However, Uttar Pradesh gets a thumbs down for being tough and unpleasant.



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