Ransomware Attacks in US District Court in Louisiana


Before we delve into the fact of ransomware attack at the district court of the US, we need to understand what is a Ransomware attack? Ransomware is a kind of malware used for taking ransom from the owner by threatening him that his data can be leaked or he won't be able to get access to it. This type of attack can be performed through advanced technologies. Recently, growth has been observed in the use of ransomware scams internationally since 2012 along with a rapid increase in cases due to coronavirus. Before making this article tedious, we move further to what happened at the US District Court in Louisiana which is an instance of a ransomware attack in the U.S Court. In the backlog, the other three ransomware scams have taken place where the attackers have shown their power and capabilities of doing anything as they published the internal documents on the dark web.


It has been claimed by various sources that the "Conti" malware group was the one who made the sketch of the ransomware attack in the US District court. They knocked Louisiana supreme court along with district court along with the district court's website offline. It really makes an individual question the fact that why the public sectors are the common target of attackers along with health care companies. With the advent of various technologies and internet dependency, nations have observed crime in cyberspace. According to Brett Callow, a threat analyst attack marks the 207th incident at Public sector organizations itself in 2020 while 966 government agencies, educational establishments, and health care companies were impacted due to such incidents. Apart from this, the situation became worse due to Covid-19 and sudden growth in successful attacks has been observed which were not seen in the past seven years.


Why Government authorities are facing problems while catching the attackers red-handed? Why they aren't traceable? It has been known by some sources that use malware and other tricks to hack without being caught by anyone. They usually use trickbot malware to stay away from any kind of detention or arrest. What they actually do is send some content to victims in such a way that they open it and when they enable the content, the malicious macro automatically executes which ultimately helps the attackers to get control of it and makes even more difficult for the investigation authority to understand. It is a serious threat to the economy of the country.




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