James Marsden's Role Gets Left On The Cutting Floor In Quentin Tarantino’s New Flick


When James Marsden got a phone call from Quentin asking him if he would star in his new brainchild “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. James was beyond shook. He told in a recent interview how being called by Quentin was a check on his bucket list. He saiid how he even asked them “Are you sure you have the right James?”. However, the 45 year old lady charmers role seemed to have been cut off from the movie. Quentin's new period piece was premiered at Cannes this week. The movie did not have a bunch of stars roles. According to Indie Wire Danny Strong, James Marsden, James Remar, and Tim Roth were all left out of the film, despite being a part of the epic ensemble.


But it seems like Tarantino might enter the editing room again. “I may make it longer,” said Tarantino. Furthermore he added that his editor, Fred Raskin, first presented a cut that was about four hours and 20 minutes. “His job is to put in every single thing I shot, give me everything. That’s not unusual for an epic-y kind of movie.” The movie was then cut down to two hours and 45 minutes. But Tarantino wanted to get it tighter than that. He told Raskin that a 2:45 seemed like a classic Tarantino move. But he wanted to provide something that was easily digestible by any audience personality. But there is a possibility that Quentin might just add more scenes into the movie. So there still could be a chance that James Marsden's and many others' roles would possibly make the final cut.

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