Debate on railways continued till 11.58 pm in Lok Sabha

On Thursday, in order to conclude a debate the Lok Sabha sat till 11.58 pm. The debate was about the railways and the demands of Railways Ministry.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi also said that in 18 years this is the longest sitting of the Lower House.

One side of this debate, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal is most likely to present  his argument or reply today seeking for votes for his demands.

Almost 100 Lok Sabha  members were involved in this discussion which was started on Thursday's afternoon. The discussion ran to 11.58 pm.

'' It is a record ''


said Mr. Joshi.

During the debate, the opposition was seen accusing the ruling government of selling of the assets labeled as of railways.To which they added that the Modi's government is selling railways assets rather than focusing on improving the current situation of railways.


To this BJP came back saying  that the railways is developing better than ever and is breaking ground each day when calculated in the areas of safety and infrastructure.


Opposition including Congress, TMC, and other parties also claimed that the NDA government is just selling dreams to the citizens as that of ' bullet trains ' which are ' not feasible '


As a comeback to these allegation BJP MP Sunil Kumar Singh said that the railways are running with much better quality as compared to the Congress rule and also is touching new milestones.


In the past five years, of Modi's government 2014 to 2019, the rate of railways accident have shrunk by 73%.

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