1st Series - A new chapter of the Novel "Life is What You Make It"


The author of the novel "life is what you make it" is Pretty Shenoy. This is the story of love, hope, and how determination can overcome even destiny. This is the series of chapters of the novel "life is what you make it". This is the story of a girl 'Ankita' living with her stereotype family before the advent of the internet. where she wasn't allowed to go with friends because people may talk about her. She was just allowed to write a letter to boys so that no one could pass any comment on her. Apart from all restrictions, she falls in love with the boy 'Vaibhav' who was her friend during school days but she moved to a new city with her parents.


She used to write a letter and wait to read the letters sent by Vaibhav. She went to college albeit she wasn't able to believe that it was her first day at college, no more school uniform, no more restriction, she would not be treated like a kid anymore. It feels like a caterpillar emerging out of a cocoon. She explained each small detail to Vaibhav such as buildings that were modern, pristinely clean, trees were in the middle of the courtyard, and so on. She was proud to get admission as she also told him that there were four spotless wooden showcases with crystal clear glass proudly displayed the gleaming, glittering trophies that they had won. She elaborated on him about the auditorium and how they were accommodated for an induction session. Ankita was too happy and excited about the new life.


We do remember the first day of our college. We all are having an exhilarating feeling as if we are free from restrictions. As an Indian, we are having a fallacy about colleges because what we actually watch in Bollywood Movies are not real. Reel life and real life are different. Although we enjoy a lot, experience different things. Overall we come close to the reality of this life whether harsh or beautiful! No matter whether we are still in college or school or a graduate, we all are still fascinated with college life.





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