Money saving techniques we all need! Let's have a look!

Money is the need for each hour of our living. Earlier, it had the same value but less demand for it. These days with the demand of the population in their needs and essentials, the value of money is more prominently visible.  We all have a need for more. And thereby somewhere or the other we face a problem in our day to day lives for money.


I mean all of us are aware of the fact of being broke at the month end or struggling with the expenses. So all we need to know is proper money saving techniques that would help us be fluent with our expenses know them well and be able to spend it properly.


What are money-saving techniques based upon?

There are many things in our day to day lives which we don't pay much attention to. Like the wastage of electricity, wastage in food, the charger switch left on, having lots of extra pieces of stuff which we don’t need etc. these pieces of stuff needs to be taken care of. Money saving techy=niques aren’t some huge rocket science which is hard to follow. it is all hidden in our daily living and lifestyles which we hardly think. So our money saving techniques would be simple, and totally user-friendly to be followed.


Money saving techniques to be followed:

1.    Always prefer the money to be saved in your banks saving account and withdraw only that amount which is needed.

All of us, if we are very much fickle in spending money, cash would never stay in our pockets. So the way I have found is to let them stay in the bank. And we withdraw only that amount which in=s required or better to keep ourselves digitally active! And pay money using digital cash ways!


2.    Make sure you spend after thinking twice!

Thinking twice before spending is so much required. Sometimes it is not required and trapped at the moment without thinking about alternatives and bargaining, we get ready to spend more. This can be cut short to help us save money.


3.    Parties can be in the home and more soothing:

All of us know, how fancy we are thinking about birthday parties. Spending it especially is w=always a need. So despite going out and clubbing and having that food, arrange at your place and in that way you would be thinking deeply about what food to order and what not. You can go for homemade food and dishes too if you're a good cook and that way save a good deal.


4.    There are DIYs for a reason:

All of us want to look good and have our style statement defined in public. There are clothes in our wardrobe which we literally don't fit into or is oversized to wear or has been tampered with somehow. This keeps us enticing towards more new clothes and clumsier wardrobe.


So there are ways where you can redesign or reuse clothes with a slight repair. Despite spending that huge amount on new clothes spend the little on its repair and you are again having a trendy robe to go out with.


5.    Electricity bills:

There are a few things we tend to forget always, like switching off the charger of the phone or laptop, lights and fans while leaving a room etc. These pieces of stuff do consume an amount of power and you do incur loss and e=wastage in your expense worth this part on the electricity bill. This can totally be avoided.


6. Air conditioners:

This again comes in the electricity area. Let us try to accommodate ourselves naturally according to the environment rather than spending a lump sum in the bill for putting the AC on, all day and all night long.


7. Selling and re-sold pieces of stuff:

Things which are no more being used (even clothes) can be re-sold today. There are several online shops that encourage this and help to earn money in return so that you can use your wallet smartly.


8. Making list before shopping:

Lists are made for a reason. First is, you know what purpose you are shopping for and are not wandering there thinking what have you forgot. The other most important reason is to keep yourself warned that to stick to the list and not divert yourself enticed with other pieces of stuff.


9. Food habits must be adapted to healthy and avoid fast food:

We these days resort so much to the fast foods and junks that our half of the expense shows the expenses made in trying out new foods and new food points. This is not a dire necessity and can be avoided to a great extent.


10. Stay healthy with a lot of water:

Water is the solution to almost every problem and always have enough water and keep yourself hydrated in order to stay happy and healthy.

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