'Royole' Corporation is again set to surprise us with new fold-able wearable


The Shenzen-based company Royale had surprised us all with its November-2018 launch, the foldable phone. It is now again planning and set to enter the world of wearables and do wonders there.

Recently according to a patent, the company is presumed to be working with two smartwatches that would have foldable displays.

Earlier, Nubia had come up with a similar concept where it has launched the world’s first foldable phone. Nubia’s this creation Alpha bagged many appreciations.

Both the patents of the smartwatches were filed in 2017 and as of now, there happens to be no concrete information and surety about it actually introducing such thing. But, let us come across what the actual plan is like.

Royole’s first creation would be a smartwatch that would have a slim flexible wristband. The wristband would feature a rectangular display, which would be an OLED display with a touchscreen panel. This can provide a larger display surface on unfolding. The folded state to be held together by magnets. Also, the batteries are said to be flexible like that of the screen.

The next is a smart bracelet. With a variable wristband, this would feature the same screen facility mentioned above. It would fold out downward rather than sideways.

This also highlights the rotating features. Lenovo has already come up with foldable watches that can morph into smartphones. TCL and Samsung are trying to have their own unique wearables.

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