5 Easy Ways to Earn Money in Quarantine


Nowadays people are suffering from poverty. World Food Organization said that 2021 will face a huge food scarcity and it must be felt by the people of all over the world. Next to food scarcity, the second one is money scarcity. People are so confused that how to earn in this pandemic. Because they cannot travel by bus or any vehicles due to the fear of viruses. Easy ways to earn money from home is better financial support for those who cannot earn anything at this time.


So here are the five easiest ways of earning money from home:-

1) Blog Writing: Have you all know about blogs? Yes, the page you are reading now is blog writing. Nothing crucial and difficult in this blog writing. I too thought it was difficult. But it is slightly hard for beginners. It helps in gaining communication knowledge as well as spoken skills. Writing blogs is very much exciting and anxious. Some websites like media providing space for writers and non-writers a very helpful and trustworthy place to establish their talents with revenues. Interesting, isn't it? Using our time preciously to write blogs and earn money is one of the easiest and best method of earning money.


2) Playing Online Games: You all used to play games on your phone isn't it? Maybe it's for your entertainment or stress buster. Do you know? But there are some sites and apps for playing games and gain money. Apps like online Rummy, Dream11 circle, Paytm first, Games app, and so on. Some apps required an initial amount to play games and some not. Don't believe in false sites announcing to pay initially and get your account details to hack you and bully you money. So be careful with this way though it really helps you in time.


3) Earning through YouTube: YouTubers are very luxurious nowadays. Do you know why? Because they are putting the videos up to them and easily got income. One can start a YouTube channel in an easy way. But want to work hard for that. Everything is not easy. Capturing videos and edit them are big issues. But earning money will profit from our poverty. You can start a YouTube channel for anything. Whatever it may be like dancing( training), music ( classes), exercises, gaming, makeup tutorials, crafts, remedies, etc... One should post videos regularly to gain attention among people and your subscribers. If you attain 1000 subscribers you will get an amount. But gaining 1000 subscribers is not an easy thing. Posting videos should be of good quality and to acknowledge by people. Solving doubts in comments, and to interact with the public daily to get views and likes. Once you got many subscribers you can get money and to the next, you will get silver, gold, and emerald play buttons from YouTube. They offer you as a reward and encouragement when you get millions of views and subscribers.


4) Shop online and win cashback: Shopping online is a usual way in our day to day life. But today it is the procedure to shop. So using this method also we can earn. How? Yes, using some apps like Paytm, Google pay, PayPal, Phone pe by using these apps you can do any payments. By doing transactions, bill payments, education loan repay, recharge, booking tickets we can earn cashback. What is cashback? Cashback is an offer that they give you for using their app for your uses. If you pay for any recharge for phones at amount 599 they give cashback offers of Rs.100 on return. This is cashback. For bigger transactions, you will get more amount.


5) Participate in a product's prize contests: Participating in a prize contest is an easy way and it is not available all time. It is a luck-based method but if you have luck you can gain more like in lakhs.




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