The child is going to school for the first time, then definitely teach these 6 things

It is said that the education of the child starts from home only. Children do what they see. Therefore, it is important that the child not only teaches good habits but also guides them from time to time. A child's mind is like an empty book. So, teach whatever you teach with intelligent, loving and endurance. If the child is starting to go to school, then it becomes even more important. There are some things that children need to teach before sending the school:


1- Explain the importance of cleaning the child, especially the personal hygiene. Apart from this, he himself should come clean after the defecation. Tell him how the infection can spread due to lack of cleanliness. Once these things have become a habit of children, then they will never forget.

2- Tell the child that he should not fight or fight with anyone. If a child is troubling him, then tell the parents besides the teacher. Treat everyone with love

3- Apart from these things there are some basic things about education that you should teach the child. As if to teach him the Alphabet, teach him counting and teach him some simple poems. This will not completely blank when the child goes to school.

4- If the child is a habit of eating only with your own hands, then change his habit. Teach them to eat with their own hands. Keep in mind that the child washed his hands well before eating anything.

5- Teach the child to respect elders. If they give something or if they take something from someone, then, in turn, tell them to say thanks. Teach blows when you make mistakes.

6- Teach the child the importance of social circle and friendship too. This is necessary so that the child does not feel lonely in school and he can get a young company.

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