This is how a Guru or Teacher affects your life!

We often hear the famous saying "Readers are Leaders", because the more you read the more you get to know about life, This has also inspired me to read many books. Today we are going to discuss why we need a Guru or a teacher to have great impact on our life. Let's understand this because this is very important. 


The way in which Guru affects your life.
The word "Guru" can be split into two "Gu" and "ru" that means eliminator of darkness. In simple English, it means a teacher or a guide. Now, why is it important? Whenever we go on a path that is not known to us or we are visiting for the first time, it is very logical to ask someone for directions or check through google maps whether we are going in the right direction.


We want to reach there soon, without getting lost. Similarly, the path of life has so many dimensions, so many possibilities that it is natural to get lost in the path of your goal. Hence we would like to look at someone to guide us in this unknown terrain who has already taken that path.

Teacher or Guru can hence play an important role in this, Now it is also your decision to make, you should always choose a teacher upon which, you are confident that it's path, it's practice and it's methods can lead me somewhere, because there are many cases in which people randomly choose their teacher and then they have no clue like where are they heading, so while choosing your guru you should be absolute in your mind that it is leading where you want to reach in life, then only you can truly be devoted to your teacher.

Your Teacher or Guru should know the path very well and should know what is it that you are seeking and how to achieve it in the best possible way, If you have chosen your Guru right, all you need to give ultimate devotion on his methods, because your teacher has already traveled this path and would help you to reach your goal. Thanks for reading!

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