Game Lovers: Read this before you update to iOS 13.0

As per the recent reports, it is highly advised to not go for the iOS13.0 update if you are fan of the games Fortnite or PUBG Mobile, for a gesture bug in Apple’s new mobile OS is the main reason that is making it hard for the fans of these games to play these games on the iPhones.


Before you update iOS13.0 read it out first:

It’s not just about these games but many other games as well depend on multiple or say simultaneous touch inputs for controlling in-game characters. The main issue with this latest iOS is that a three-finger press-and-hold gesture was introduced to make room for more granular text editing options.But since the official release of the latest iOS update, users have reported saying that the newly added gesture is game-breaking for Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, majorly. For both the games depend upon third-person perspectives and usually involve keeping two fingers on the screen in order to move the character and for controlling the camera while a third finger is arched across the screen so as to aim down sights and to perform other in-game functions. 


But it is because of the gesture in-game that a new text editing bar opens instead, and these games known for one-life-per-found affairs where one can’t afford to wipe away a menu that too during the ongoing battle with another human player. Going as per the sources, Apple officially hasn’t as yet acknowledged the bug. So for those who haven’t as yet updated to iOS 13.0, it’s a piece of friendly advice to kindly not update it and wait for iOS 13.1 which will be coming soon.


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