Why Shh, Be Shameless


Why Shh, Be Shameless

Why does she have to be quite about her pain. How could she be impure, when she has the gift specially sent by God, the gift of being a mother. Why mock her, why shh her, why block her way to the temple, why forced to stay at home, why can’t she pray to God. All these questions have been asked over and over again but no one has the answer, still the myths are followed blindly. Making women an impure individual. Restricting their actions through these myths are no less than a crime.


On this May 28, let’s celebrate this National Menstrual Hygiene day without these myths. Hygiene is must for everyone and for everywhere.  A German based NGO Wash United had initiated this in 2014 to aim at the importance this issue holds in a woman’s life. The 28th date was chosen to indicate at the fact that an average menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days. In today’s time, many organizations are working to bring this issue in limelight. Calling it an issue, has been a common trend because in many regions, even today talking about the so called “periods” is a shame.


The history has well witnessed, what impact this could have on a female’s body. Many times even diseases to a level that costs their life. The correct hygiene management method is needed to be made aware among everyone. Organizing events in schools, colleges, villages etc. are highly supported. And all this is to bring everyone together to remove the myths and to preserve the one who brings life to the world. 



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