New Law named 'No-Mobile-Phone Phobia', drafted by Italy

As in today's world mobile as becomes a very important part of every human being but when it comes children it is just a waste of time and a grave obstacle in studies. A mature child with a brain knows that mobile is a monster which only eats our precious time which is to be given to studies in this age. But 75% of the children find it difficult to live their mobile aside for more than 1 min so Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) has drafted a law whose  main aim is to prevent and treat the rising phenomenon of addiction to mobile phones and computers, particularly among the young ones i.e school children.


It is seen as misusing of the technology and just wasting time by scrolling over social media apps, therefore, the bill is drafted to treat a phobia named "no-mobile-phone phobia" (also known as "nomophobia") or the fear of not being able to get regular access to social networks or messaging apps making them fell unconscious. It proposes education programs for parents to detect excessive mobile phone use in children. This phobia is often faced by the young people resulting in depression, loss of focus in career, insomnia - affecting the night's sleep.


According to the studies, almost half of Italians aged 14-20 peep into their mobile phones at least 75 times per day. The other report generated in the month of June also states that  61% of Italians use their cell phone in bed, with the figure rising to 81% among 18-34 years old.



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