Spoiler-free Avengers: Endgame Review


"This is the Endgame."

In the entire cinematic history, especially in the superhero genre, no movie has been as anticipated with bated breath than Avengers: Endgame. That may sound like an exaggeration, it is anything but. Living from the beloved comic books and made into motion pictures, these 21 marvel movies (excluding Endgame) have built up everything for the final chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3.


This is a completely spoiler-free (hence, short) review as a lot of people have yet to watch the mega film, with personal opinions and facts tossed in.


Just to remind everyone, the trailers have a major possibility of not showing any of the clips or scenes in the actual movie. Immense care has been taken to ensure not a single detail, picture, content is leaked to the media and anyone who is not a part of the cast. Though, even some of the cast appears clueless (we're looking at you Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo) about the movie.


What we know about the characters who will definitely survive is firstly Peter Parker. Spiderman's next movie Far From Home is set minutes after Endgame, so understandably, Spidey will survive Endgame (though, traumatised or not, we cannot say).


Captain Marvel is also most likely to survive, since not only is she a new addition to the marvel family and will no doubt have upcoming appearances and sequels, but this female captain (and dare we say, one of the strongest marvel comic characters) is also speculated to play a major part in killing Thanos or atleast, winning the war.


The Guardians have another movie lined up for release in 2020, but whether they will ALL appear or not, well, that would be a spoiler indeed. Ant-Man and his little group may be in danger but it is undecided and understandably, theories go on.


Of course the ones with the most bleak future ahead is the OG Avengers. Fans cannot stop worrying over who could die, leaving the franchise for good. The most popular theory dated back from Captain America: Civil War is that Steve Rogers will end up in the grave. This has been followed from the comics and everyone expects it anytime now, considering Chris Evans' contract has ended. But his contract isn't the only one with an end - Robert Downey Jr, infamously known as Iron Man, also has a ticking contract. Fans of Marvel and these two in particular know that anytime now, either of them will face doom and leave, breaking the hearts of thousands and millions of people.


The acting, is as usual, absolutely impeccable and despite being the end, we still see development in the characters' personality and growth. Some turn to different coping methods while others live in denial burdened with guilt. The Avengers were never the type to hold hands, go to a bar and play beer-pong or braid each others' hair - but they have always maintained the pact of having each others' back in unconventional ways. The trust and love and camaraderie between them doesn't have to be said aloud, it is felt and they know it.

Avengers: Endgame will have you laughing and hooting and cheering for them, it will also have you holding back your tears and devastated expressions, and every bit of it is worth it.

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