This drink made from coriander leaves, it reduces weight and burns stomach fat

Reducing fat deposited on the stomach is not easy. If you are troubled by obesity to have tried many things to lose weight, do not worry friends. Coriander leaves have antioxidants and minerals, which accelerate your weight loss process.

Only coriander leaves are not enough to eliminate fat stored for years, but for that, you have to control your junk foods and more eating habits and have to exercise a little. A great number of coriander leaves that boost your metabolism, thereby increasing your weight loss process. Coriander is commonly used in the vegetables for its smoothness and flavor.

But in the Ayurveda, coriander is also considered medicinal. Coriander leaves are considered very good detox agents. Coriander leaves are a very good source of magnesium. There is also a good amount of vitamin B and folic acid. Both of these elements help burn the glucose in the body, from which you take the calories you take, the body uses them and they are not stored in your body as additional fat.

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