Will the Spanish giants win the titles?


With the constant winning streak, will Barcelona make themselves the title winner of winning streak this year?

Every football fan is in turmoil with the whole theories, conjectures and probability of the not known winner. Yet the series of wins of FC Barcelona is definitely showcasing the amazing strong hand it has on winning titles this year.

Barcelona After defeating Real Sociedad by a 2-1 lead, foot wrestled against Alaves where it won with a lead of 2 goals. After winning the match on Tuesday against the Alaves, Barca now tops the scoreboard.  The last match was much engrossing with Carles Alenas as the opener. After the congested struggle of the first half, Carles Alenas made an amazing goal combined with Vidal and Roberto, the later passing it to Alenas, who smoothly owns his slot.

The second was from Suarez who had cleverly stepped over the first time, this time scored from the penalty spot after the VAR spotted Pina’s handball. This leaves Barcelona’s winning probability at peak to win the La Liga title.

In the next match, the Barca players would be facing Levante team, fingers crossed and expecting an unstoppable, in form Messi do his job.

After this, the giants are all set to take over the Liverpool, the English premier league heavyweights in the semifinals. The first leg clash is on the 2nd of May. The Spanish giants were at a lead of 4-0 in aggregated against Manchester United and are now going to face the Liverpool in the semifinals of UEFA champions league. 

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