The Pictures of Chinese influencers’ Filthy House Goes Viral After Landlord Exposes Her ‘Double Life’

Real Life In Contrast With The One Displayed On Social Media


A lady in China has come to create a buzz after her landlord exposed the “unhealthy” condition of her apartment that was in total contrast to the luxurious life she eventually showcases on social networking sites. While Lisa Li’s Sina Weibo blog, which has over 1 million followers, is studded with graceful pictures, portraying her vacations and glorious life, the reality is in absolute contrast. Her account is a perfect catalog of travel blogs, well-enjoyed parties, and memorable-dining experiences. A video, which has gone viral, shows Lisa’s apartment filled with waste, garbage, stale food, and excretions from dog and whatnot.


The Pictures of Chinese influencers’ Filthy House Goes Viral After Landlord Exposes Her ‘Double Life’

In the video, it is seen, the landlady is touring the entire apartment of Lisa. According to a recent report, the landlady decided to expose her after she refused to return her calls for more than once. According to update, the landlady, namely Chen, told Pear Video that other than leaving the place extraordinarily filthy and dirty she is also the owner of a significant number of yuan in unpaid utility bills. Even because of the terrible condition of the house, yet professional cleaners refused to clean the place. However, after this incident, Lisa did contact her landlord and seek an apology. “Complete responsibility lies with me on this incident,” she told Chen.


In an interview with the news website. The Paper, the social media blogger confirmed her tough schedule. She even added that being on a business trip is the reason why she was unable to take her landlady’s calls. Moreover, she has also promised to clean the apartment as soon as she could.However, many followers and users of Lisa unfollowed her and promised never to watch her content further as the recent updates state. More than 60,000 of them commented on her page; many told they were unfollowing her and even called her “fake.”

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