Logic Bomb Malware


Logic Bomb is a code set of malicious software (Malware) which serves with a policy of ‘wait, observe and strike'. Computer Viruses, Trojan Horses and Computer Worms are the software that inherently contains this code set which waits till the time is right and the conditions programmed in it are met. Not only this code is specially designed for this software, but it also causes maximum harm under their functions. It is also known as the Slag Code but the reference to its' main function is found in the original and more popular name; Logic Bomb. All it needs is the conditions to be met and after that, it is automatically triggered and explodes in the computer system.


When it is programmed to wait for a certain time on a certain date to explode, a Logic Bomb can also be called a Time Bomb because it terrorizes the environment inside the system. Many times, the Logic Bomb waits for a certain data entry and as soon as it enters the system, the bomb explodes. But sometimes it is designed to wait until certain usual activities cease or are replaced altogether with a new set of them. These types of Logic Bombs are mostly programmed for the motive of taking revenge, usually by employees leaving their jobs in a company or organization on bad terms. For this purpose, an employee can set the codes in the network and program it to takes effect after their database has been a move to the folder of ex-employees.


Consider this the most damage causing out of all the ways to use this malicious code. Logic Bomb can cripple the computer system because it extracts enough control out of the operating system to be able to delete files that contain important and useful data. Further trouble is caused when it reformats the hard drive without the permission of the authorized user. Easy to use a method of this code makes it convenient for the hacker to use it in the Spyware Malware as well. Logic Bomb code can install Keylogger malware into the computer system after a user fill a form online or perform a similar activity in which they are required to type their personal details and information. Identity theft is not a joke and Logic Bomb code is one of the most dangerous weapons used by hackers against innocent users.

Precautions are taken to protect the system and network from other malware also need to be noted down for the protection against this simple but dangerous code.

• There is a reason why some of the emails you receive are locked in the spam folder. Your operating system fears they carry malicious software like virus and are also carriers for Logic Bomb code. Even if an email is in the inbox and carries a suspicious attachment that may be carrying malware, it should be deleted.

• Pirated software should be avoided since they have the highest chances of containing malware.

• Advertisements on the websites cannot be always trusted and need to be avoided as a precaution.

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