Alcohol made from mango leaves, which will reduce your fat along with diabetes.

Drinking is harmful for health, but we all know it. Still if we say that this wine will not harm your health, then you will be able to think. Yes, today we are going to tell you about such a wine which will be beneficial for your health. Students of Health Center at Jivaji University have made liquor from mango leaves. It  contains up to 8 to 12% alcohol and the most remarkable thing is that the consumption of this alcohol will not harm your health but it will be beneficial.


This wine is made from mango leaves will be effective in preventing diabetes as well as in reducing fat and enhancing disease resistance. In the alcohol of mango leaves, Mango Ferrin is used to prevent diabetes. Fat of the body becomes low. There are also anti-vectoral properties. Gallic acid, paracetin, catechin, EPT cinechin do not damage the body's thermostat and increases ascorbic acid immunity. There is also calcium which is beneficial for the bones.



Also helpful in the prevention of diseases:


It took 45-50 days to make wine. It is made from fermentation of glucose, carbohydrate and peptone proteins. JU management is now trying to sign MoU with its firm and its company to reach it. JU Health Center In-charge, Formula, for preparing alcohol from mango leaves. The associates of GBK Prasad and Shohod alumnus Rupali Dutt have searched. In this, the Mango Farin element found in mangoes is an important role that helps in the prevention of all diseases. The special thing is that mango leaves are available for the whole year, so this wine can be made in any season.

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