How to overcome your SHYNESS?

First of all there is a very big difference between SHY PEOPLE and INTROVERT PEOPLE.


A shy person is not shy everywhere. He/She feel shy where he think that this place is new for him or he feel some sort of uncomfortness. When he/she started feeling uncomfortable, then they will start being quiet or different from the place But this is not the solution of the thing, you can easily overcome your shyness being an extrovert person.

You can make new 2-3 friends in new place by started talking to them like (Hello, How are you) or many other normal questions.As slowly slowly we start making new friends, we tend to overcome our shyness.

We can go on vacations or can do whatever we like to do with our friends. This way will also help a lot to overcome your shyness. Because if you will be a shy person then thatthing can make you loose a lot of opportunities and will make you a very introvert person. 


If you, want to overcome your shyness then do mark these things and follow up. This will surely help you a lot.

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