The best kulfi in Delhi

Amidst the bustle of old Delhi and the crowd in the famous eateries, there lies a gem of a place which still remains hidden. As you get down from Chawri Bazaar metro and walk towards Sitaram Bazaar, a small sign board guides you towards Kucha Pati Ram. As you take your turn and explore the architectural marvel of Old Delhi you reach Kuremal Mohanlal's kulfi shop. The stuffed kulfi here is what dreams are made of.


In the selection of stuffed kulfi, the must-try is orange stuffed kulfi. The kulfi juleps are another marvelous delicacy, which makes for the best and most unique kind of Jamun kulfi. The paan kulfi is a delight in itself and is not what usually is found in other shops. This small shop nestled in one of those few peaceful corners of Old Delhi is surely a delight which doesn't burn a hole in your pocket too. Do keep it at a tab in your next visit.

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