"Dawood Not Our Citizen", Dominca Republic Issues Statement


New Delhi: The government of Commonwealth of Dominica on Sunday rejected claims that India’s most wanted terrorist and 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim is a citizen of Commonwealth of Dominica and he holds a Dominican passport. The Dominican government released an official statement saying that Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar “is not, nor has he ever been, a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is not, nor has he ever been, a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, neither through the Citizenship by Investment Programme nor any other means. As such, any publication by any media or by any person purporting otherwise is strictly false,” noted the statement.


The Citizenship by Investment Unit applies a multi-tiered system of due diligence, involving both internal and external checks by reputable, top-tier, international due diligence firms based in the United States and the United Kingdom. These external firms perform thorough checks, including on-the-ground research, to produce exhaustive due diligence reports. In this way, Dominica maintains a firm commitment to professional ethics and ensuring the safety of Dominican citizens,” added the statement. After Pakistan government mentioned Dawood’s address in the list of terrorists being sanctioned by the government, which Pakistan later denied, Indian security agencies said Dawood holds several passports with addressed in India, Pakistan, Dubai and the Commonwealth of Dominica.


Details of Dawood’s passports by Taboola K-560098 30-09-1975 MUMBAI M-110522 13-11-1978 MUMBAI P-537849 30-11-1979 MUMBAI R-841697 26-11-1981 MUMBAI V-57865 03-01-1983 MUMBAI A-333602 04-06-1985 MUMBAI A-501801 26-07 -1985 MUMBAI A-717288 dt. 18.8.85 CGI, Dubai (in the name of Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman Shaikh) F-823692 dt. 02.09.89 at CGI, Dubai (in the name of Shaikh Dawood Hassan) G-866537 dt. 12.08.91, at Rawalpindi (Pakistani Passport in the name of Shaikh Hassan), C-267185 dt. July 1996, Karachi (Pakistani Passport in the name of Shaikh Dawood Hasan) KC-285901 (in the name of Sheikh Dawood Hassan, s/o Sheikh Ibrahim (d.p.o.b. 26.12.1955, Bombay, India).


His address mentioned in the passport is 17 CP. Berar Society, Block 7-8, Amir Khan Road, Karachi, Pakistan Of late, Dawood Ibrahim has also reportedly acquired Commonwealth of Dominica Passport, issued under its Economic Citizenship Programme (ECP) against a certain amount of foreign currency, for which citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica is sold. Dawood also holds another passport No. F-823692, which was issued to him on 02.09.1989 by CGI Dubai in the name of Shaikh Dawood Hassan, reports said.  




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